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Best Anonymous VPNsThe moment we connect to the internet, our identity, digital moves, and everything we do, get exposed with everyone; means no matter how much password-protected your device is, your identity is still unprotected yet revealing. The only way to get your identity hidden from the spying eyes is to use one of the best logless and anonymous VPNs, to ensure close-to-absolute anonymity while browsing the internet.

What is an Anonymous and Logless VPN?

A VPN is next to the security guard, which should be hired after scrutinizing all the possible aspects that come under the ambit of security and protection; deciding the best VPN to enjoy highly possible anonymity is not easy. The job is not itself that difficult when it comes to enjoying blocked websites like Netflix, but when we perform sensitive tasks like banking, shopping, or anything that could compromise private data, the job becomes crucial.

When it comes to the VPN with the highest anonymity, the difference between the best and the worst can only be recommended by an expert. AllBestVPN.Com has a bunch of cyber experts and analysts to review the VPN providers against the desirable thresholds. So, without further ado, let’s listen to our expertise and grab one of the most spoof-free VPNs that do not keep any logs and ranked as top ‘Anonymous VPNs.’

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Best Anonymous VPNs with Absolute No Log Policy

That being said, there are some of the top quality services that hide your identity and boost anonymity filters when you go online. Of course, you have to know those valuable services to reap these benefits.

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We added these providers in the list as they provide best encryption to make users’ identity anonymous and to make sure the data isn’t known to anyone even themselves, they keep zero logs. There’re many other feature of a best anonymous and logless VPN.

To start with some basics, let’s find out what constitutes a VPN anonymous?

Are VPNs Really Anonymous and Keep Zero-Logs?

A VPN with the most anonymity follows the following principles;

  • Encrypt all the internet data
  • Disguise real locations
  • Prevent users’ data from being snooped
  • Offer protected servers across the globe
  • Added layers of protection to avoid related mishaps
  • Keep no logs of your activity

A VPN counts as a tool that keeps your identity concealed; means that nobody can trace where and what you’ve been doing on the internet, no one can read and access your data. Regardless of the reasons for using one, we can understand the value of an anonymous VPN.

Still skeptical that is such a service really available to the public? The short answer is yes, but not that easy; most VPNs claim to be anonymous, but they are not as they keep logs and that can be a threat itself.

You must be wondering why we need a logless VPN for anonymity, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Reasons You Need An Anonymous VPN that keeps no-logs

The importance of anonymity has never been that important; thanks to the increasing breeches. Whether it’s cybercriminals move in capturing the data of 340 million individuals that affected 110 million businesses and 230 million US consumers, government monitoring. Or data breaches like My Fitness Pay App, which compromised the usernames, email addresses and passwords of more than 150,000,000 app users. Or being blocked out of Netflix; download an anonymous VPN will give you the peace of mind that you are craving for.

People signing up for anonymous VPNs are protecting themselves from all the worst of the web – while enjoying the best it has; here are some of the reasons why you should priorities anonymity over anything when buying a VPN.

  • Prevent ISP from tracking – everyone wants to keep their Google search history private and frankly speaking, even not-to-record option stop Google from logging what you do. This can be transferred to the government or possibly sold off to advertisers or anyone with the highest bid.
  • Prevent Government Tracking – Governments across the globe do track their citizens; in 2017, internet freedom declined shockingly. No matter what overarching goals state aimed at, knowing the conversation between my spouse and me is unethical.
  • Save Thousands of Dollars – An anonymous VPN can take you in a region with the lowest buying power so that you can save thousands of dollars on flights and car rentals.
  • Protect Public Wi-Fi – We seek wifi anywhere we go, interestingly, open wifi is the best playing field for hackers to play their skills; an anonymous won’t let any hacker intrude your browsings on any public wifi.
  • Protect from identity theft – an unsettling internet crime where somebody become you, so does whatever you own; financial and non-financial assets. It was found that the victims of identity fraud increased by 8% – 16.7 million US consumers.

Look at the trends of identity fraud!

Trends of Identity Fraud

Picture Courtesy: Javelin Strategy

  • Secure VOIP Calls – We all have jettisoned our phones to enjoy free or cheap VOIP (voice over IP) services. Since no technology can never be blessing alone, these communication platforms are also under the radar of cyber attacks; service might be blocked, metadata can be collected or voicemails can be hacked, even active conversation is also at risk.
  • Stop Bandwidth Throttling –   it’s when your ISP restricts your internet connection for being overused; streaming HD content often end up with bandwidth throttling. Or it could also be possible that ending net-neutrality commission doesn’t like what you’re looking at.
  • Keep Advertisers away from You – isn’t strange we come across ads correspond to our interests? Thanks to all the data-mining companies for selling our interests to advertisers; it’s not only ads, but our identities are also being exchanging strange hands. Hold this exchange process with a VPN.
  • Protect from Data-Capped Networks – do you know, 1 in every 5 Americans smartphone holder is internet user; means they don’t have traditional home broadband service. Individuals with data caped networks cannot enjoy smooth downloads, installs and software updates; these things never come without serious security breaches.   
  • Unblock Websites, Movies, Social Networks, TV Shows, Apps, Games, Music and what not – no matter how freedom and liberty has prevailed, the world is still restricted; think in a way that we cannot access the entertainment players – Netflix, even social media platforms like Facebook, are restricted in China. Come on, man! It’s the height of restrictions. A VPN that keeps you anonymous will let you access anything from anywhere.

Now, let’s find out some benchmarks that help to reach the VPN with the maximum anonymity.

Best VPN with the Highest Anonymity – How You Will Be Helped?

Although we have slightly touched the basics of a VPN to be anonymous, since our readers are well-acknowledged, so dealing with this matter in real terms is a must.

So, let’s start with something other than basics – encryption, what makes a VPN connection stronger or weaker; strongest is generally known to be the AES-256-CBC encryption. Additionally, VPNs with these features are considered highly anonymous.

  • Shared IP

If your IP address cannot be traced back to you, then you are said to be anonymous, otherwise, you’re not, no matter how expensive your VPN service is. Best anonymous VPNs offer multiple IP addresses that keep changing to avoid being in a specific address that gives a clear identity.

  • Chaining or Double Hop

Chaining or double-hop VPNs throw a tracker off your scent, by routing your information via multiple VPN servers, losing the direct connection that links you with the activity in question. It is more like a TOR (that has covered below).

Double Hop allows users to jump through multiple VPN tunnels via two or more servers; obscuring your habits and location.

Chaining VPNs may slow your internet connection, because of being extra protective. However, if you are okay with trading speed for this security measure, it is worth a try.

  • VPN Logs

A company that keeps logs is essentially storing users’ information; this makes it difficult for a VPN to consider anonymous. So, the first and the most basic criteria are no logs. Some VPNs gain users confidence with a claim that they delete the information frequently so that nobody can access it or trace it, but unfortunately, the logs still exist, leaving your information unprotected.

  • Jurisdiction

Some countries have strict information-sharing laws that legally bound a company to hand over the logs if requested. For this reason, check the jurisdiction of a VPN service and gauge the impacts on anonymity, before signing up for it. Get to know more about

  • Payment Methods

How you pay for a service that is providing you anonymity and security could be another identity breach, which is why truly anonymous service providers accept many forms of payment, including bitcoin or Ripple. Don’t forget that your credit card is nothing more than a paper trail to reach your identity.

When anonymity is under discussion, Tor can never be isolated, allow me to shed some light over it.  

A VPN Through Tor – Is This a Perfect Combo?

Tor – The Onion Router, helps to send the information with double encryption, using a series of turns and twists across the internet; with Tor, it’s nearly impossible to trace the route. Your data bounce between nodes, throwing the snoopers off the trail; hackers, you will only see the last node, not from our traffic is coming from.

Hold on! The information on Tor is not secure on the exit node so, if someone is at the last node, he/she can intercept your data; slowing down the browser is another concern among Tor users. The solution is to merge this anonymous pathway with a VPN, to make it overkill. Some of the VPNs offer built-in Tor in their VPN services; find the one and get it to subscribe; in this, both entrance and exit nodes would be hidden, anonymizing the data close to entirety.

Anonymize Your VPN Connection Before a Hacker Haunts You

Throughout this journey of finding the best of the best anonymous VPN, we have tried to take an honest and transparent look at the concerns and factors surrounding the VPN which are known to be highly anonymous. Although anonymity is a marketing strategy used by VPN providers, if you’re under the supervision of an unbiased expert, then you’ll find the most reliable one.

VPNs are a must in this ever-growing digital world, where we don’t know when and how our data is being repurposed and used against us. But again, your purpose of using the VPN must be identified before finalizing a purchase. We highly recommend going with the one with Tor, if you’re one of the sensitive users, for whom privacy is everything; but be ready to face lags while performing data-intensive tasks such as P2P torrenting, streaming, and gaming.

Anyways, the bottom line is – to get yourself protected with a VPN and keep your anonymity under control, because your identity is not just a name, but rather an entire life, including all the physical and non-physical assets you own.  

This is from All best VPN for readers looking out for a VPN to ensure maximum anonymity; we will update this guidance if you find any ambiguity or share your reflections with us. So, clear your queries and outloud your experience with us in the comment section below.

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