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Best USA VPNUSA – the symbol of freedom and liberty, is not suitable enough to practice online freedom. Whether you like it or not, the formulation of agencies like CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., has established with the aim of recording and repurposing the users’ data which has rooted back from the WWI. The surprising fact that within the reign of these agencies, the world is still living in cyber warfare.

So how to practice digital rights in the US?

No matter how severe the warfare, a VPN is and will always be the best possible savior; so, don’t overthink and get yourself subscribed to one of the best USA VPN. Otherwise, you’ll soon be trapped in the current trend of rough security.

What are the Best VPNs to Use in The United States?

Be it Malware, phishing attack, man-in-the-middle attack, crypto jacking, SQL injection, and/or any ransomware, your system is exposed to, the best VPN is all you need to deal with either or all of these. To save your time, money, and search-related efforts, we’ve developed a list of best US VPN; all these VPNs are worth trying.


These VPNs are not randomly selected, our VPN experts did extensive research and followed a set of criteria, want to know? Have a look!

How did we select and list A USA VPN?

It’s no secret that VPN market is over flooded, serving users globally and to be honest every VPN-using netizen is fighting to fetch a US IP address to access the world’s most popular entertainment, which is only available for those living there. This doesn’t mean that US residents don’t need a VPN, as privacy is still relevant; don’t forget FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA, and many unknowns, who are there to invade the privacy of a so-called free nation – the US.

For Americans, VPN is more important for security purposes then the content accessibility, scroll down and see the checklist that serves as a foundation for evaluating the best VPN for those possessing and seeking a US IP address.

  • The VPN provider should be located outside the United States, or else the logging policy needs to be transparent.
  • The VPN provider must be confident about logging policy; accept no less than zero-logs.
  • Strong encryption; 128-bit AES or greater.
  • The VPN USA must offer Shared IP addresses for better anonymity.
  • A VPN is ideal if it offers anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin.

Regardless of whether you merely want to prevent bandwidth throttling from ISP or concerned about your privacy, a good VPN is an indispensable tool. All the outlined VPNs have their ups and downs, but it all goes down to what you want out of a VPN, compare the given alternatives, and then decide. You won’t be regretted with any of the options we’ve offered.

Why You Need A US VPN – A Detailed Account

USA, the trendsetter, especially in regards to technology, has more blurry lines than one could think of; just read it’s Patriot act, which is loaded with words, you’ll be shocked to know that the government holds the power to judge its discretion.

Let’s closely analyze how US freedom is being compromised;

  • Surveillance Threshold In USA

NSA – National Security Agency is smartly spying US citizens; thanks to the emergency legislation that proposed after 9/11, for giving NSA to monitor the entire citizen lot. The legislation was supposed to end back in 2015, but Edward Snowden has uncovered the continued surveillance efforts of NSA and other agencies. Let me remind you that Snowden shared that a program called Prism is the latest invention of NSA that is helping them to indiscriminately access emails, photographs, documents, and other sensitive data archived in big companies.

Accordingly, all the apps that we use including Google, Microsoft, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, and Apple, give the NSA direct access to our information. This is the right time to take your privacy in your hand and subscribing to a US VPN is the best practice to exercise.

  • Extensive Censorship In The US

Legally, US has the right to ban websites those dealing with terrorism and child pornography; that’s acceptable, but the reality is entirely different! According to the reported without borders; the USA is one of the enemies of the internet, it means your every digital footprint is being recorded, and censorship is being used by the government in an intimidating manner against print media, social media, and in the flow of online information.

Along with censorship, blackout restrictions also exist in the US; although Americans typically have the best content pick, but are also faced with a persistent form of geo-blocking.

Blackouts restrictions apply to live streaming content, especially sports. Even though you’re a subscriber of any online streaming service, say MLB.tv for baseball, local teams remain unwatchable, because the broadcast rights to local games are often assigned to regional TV stations, and streaming services are barred from competing.

Use a VPN to circumvent this problem; simply connect to another location in the United States where the content is not blacked out, and unblock the favorite streams. Make sure you’re using one of our recommended best VPNs for USA to get unlimited data and bandwidth so that you can enjoy a decent quality video without buffering.

  • Copyright Infringement In The US

Copyright infringement has become one of the biggest issues for the US citizens; thanks to the emergence of peer-to-peer (P2P) sites that resulted in copyright holders pursuing strict actions for offenders. Many P2P streamers became the object of lawsuits, setting the VPN trend among torrenters.

Note: We are not intended to trigger our users for copyright circumvention. Please do read the terms of service and conditions before signing up to any service provider.

The Copyright Alert System of 2013 aimed to curb copyright infringement, using a six-step warning process. Resultantly, Internet Service Provider (ISP) was and is still required to hand over an individual’s browsing history to copyright holders and agencies.

ISPs and copyright holders are prepared enough to go through the legal hurdles of protecting copyrighted material, which mainly results in DMCA notices to scare the torrent users. However, courtroom cases are becoming popular – prosecution for copyright infringement results in a fine of between $200 and $150,000, or even jail time.

So, it’s advisable to perform adequate research before downloading any file. And, don’t forget to go through the copyright laws of your state, as state laws do vary.

How A US VPN Aids Torrenting?

As we mentioned already that downloading and distributing copyrighted material is illegal in the United States. ISPs often practice a three-strike rule to penalized users for illegally downloading content via BitTorrent.

Let’s clear one thing – BitTorrent is not illegal, it’s often associated with illegal activity, which primarily includes online piracy. Non-copyrighted material is legal to download.

A VPN uses strong encryption that hides BitTorrent traffic from the user’s ISP, masking the real IP address with that of the VPN server; a VPN is a shield under which copyright trolls cannot trace your torrent downloads.

So, Are You Planning To Go For A US VPN or Still Want To Be Traced?

No matter who you’re – an expat, citizen or tourist visiting the US, a country that ranked 45th on Reporters Without Borders’ 2018 World Press Freedom Index, you have to be careful; the US has become a dangerous place with respect to online privacy. Make sure you’re protected with one of the recommended USA VPNs from all the useless surveillance.

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