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Dark Side of 5, 9 and 14 Eyes Surveillance

5, 9, and 14 are the numbers of countries that have an intelligence-sharing alliance with each other. It is an omnipresent spying force that works for one global-surveillance conglomerate to collect mass data. These countries spy on their citizens (legally and illegally)

Online Protection Guide for Kids and Teenagers

Childhood and Teenage are the precious phases of my life; I would give anything to relive again. Remembering those days, when we used to spend most of the time in sports, running and chasing friends in the alley playing ‘Hide and Seek’

What is a VPN? Your Guide to Anonymity

A VPN is a is a network of virtual servers deployed at diversified locations and act as a secure tunnel between user’s device and the destination website. VPN encrypts your data, mask your IP and route your traffic via a secure tunnel, keeping you safe and secure all the time.